For me, making art is a way of tracing my life, healing my soul and searching my identity. It’s a personal and poetic process. My work is essentially autobiographical, emerging from my experience, my imagination, and my subconscious.

My animated shorts fall into two groups, one lyrical and the other narrative. My lyrical pieces are visual monologues that come from memories or from my subconscious, and I express them metaphorically with images of women’s objects, women’s bodies, and landscapes. My narrative shorts are fictional stories based very much on my personal experiences. The darkest aspects of human nature have been common themes in my narrative pieces—selfishness, greed, betrayal and obsession.

My recent paintings, soft sculptures, and series of digital still images are thematically connected to my animations. Images of women’s objects, such as hairbrushes, earrings, dresses, laces and lipsticks, frequently recur in my work, intermingled with images of haired fruits, thorn plants, needles, hearts and bones. They are the metaphors of haunted memories, faded hopes, fragmented dreams, shameless desire, and ultimately, female identity that strike me as both beautiful and grotesque.